EGATIN's invitation to research


Dear Colleagues in EGATIN

As you may know it has been an interest area and a mission of EGATIN to promote knowledge and understanding of research in group analytic psychotherapy and group analysis.

The research section at the web site has been developed in that idea.

We know, that there are group psychotherapists, group analysts and trainees in our organizations that are engaged in psychotherapy research (large and small scale) OR who will be interested in growing knowledge or start or join a research project. It could be a clinical trial or a study related to training.

For that reason, we would like you (delegates) to engage yourself or to suggest to others in your local society, that they join a list of colleagues, who do research or are interested in research.

The list will be published at the EGATIN web site, hopefully primo February 2022.

We hope this way to foster more engagement and ease relations and information.

Please send name, affiliated organization, country, e-mail and indicate if you have a Research Gate membership. You might also write shortly about fields of interests for research.

Please send to

All the best from Kristian Valbak (Aarhus)
Editor of the research section